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Gnome-shell Notifications Alert Extension

If there is anything that I dislike on gnome-shell are the notifications… Well, not the notifications themselves, I really like the whole bottom hot corner concept and stuff, but it’s very easy for me, specially at my work that I use dual monitors, to miss an instant messenger message that way.

Because of that, I tried searching for a shell extension that provides something to alert me of the existence of an unread notification. I found the Pidgin Persistent Notification‘s concept very good and decided to try to do a generic one (since it’s pidgin specific and I don’t use it). This is the result:

Without unread notifications / With unread notifications

It supports any shell version >= 3.2. You can download it on extensions.gnome at the link: Gnome-Shell Notifications Alert

The source code is on github <https://github.com/hackedbellini/gnome-shell-notifications-alert> and licensed at GPLv2. Fell free to fork it! Just don’t forget to send me a pull request, so I can merge your improvements into the official code ;D