FISL11 was Awesome!

The International Free Software Forum (In portuguese “Forum Internacional do Software Livre” – FISL) was great!

It was my first time in a Free Software event and it was really exiting. I met a lot of great people there and saw that the FOSS community is greater and more awesome than I thought. Photos can be founded on my Picasa: Thiago Bellini Picasa Album – FISL. Also, André Noel took a lot of great photos there, which can be founded on his Picasa: Andre Noel Picasa Album – FISL

The next FISL will be FISL12 and will probably happen on July of 2011. But 2010 isn’t over yet! Latinoware is coming in November and looks like it will be as awesome as FISL was!

To finish this post, I want to give a special “Thank You” for the guys from the Ubuntu-BR-SP team. It was a pleasure for me to be part of the caravan and I really learned a lot from everyone! You guys are really Great!!! Hope we can keep in touch and improve more our friendship.

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