Born in Jundiaí, Brazil, on March 11th, 1988 (28 years old). Currently living in São Carlos, Brazil.

I discovered Free Software and Linux at my late adolescence, and became very passionate about both! That passion leaded me to where I am now.

Since 2010 I’m involved with the Stoq project, an open source ERP focused on the Brazilian market. I mostly did (and still do) software development on it, but I’m currently focusing on devops.

While focusing most of my career on Stoq, I also did some other interesting stuff, mostly involved with python and gtk+ development, which you can find on my hacking activity page.

Although not an active activist, I have a some very strong beliefs regarding some topics. I’m very worried about the animal welfare, which made me become a vegetarian on 2005 and a vegan on 2013.  When it comes to politics, I’m and will always be left wing. I’m also a feminist who believes that women should have equal rights to men.


Free software development, Open source, GNU/Linux – by Thiago Bellini

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